1. Nasdaq Listing Requirements Launch A Reverse Listings Revamp

    The SEC’s new changes to Nasdaq’s initial listing standards do have the potential to place substantial additional burdens on smaller companies seeking to list through reverse listings.

  2. The Many Shades Of VC/Repeat Entrepreneur Relationships

    Repeat entrepreneur is a term you might hear often in the context of life sciences company creation and investment, so we wanted to take a moment to unpack it and offer lessons for those on either side of the table.

  3. Tackling Cell & Gene Therapy Financing & Manufacturing Challenges

    As interest in the cell and gene market continues to heat up, the sector’s manufacturing and finance challenges have become top priorities.

  4. Making Sense Of New Accounting And Financial Reporting Changes

    A summary of some key sections of version 10 of Deloitte’s Life Sciences Accounting And Financial Reporting Update—Including Interpretive Guidance.

  5. The Rollercoaster Ride Of A Biotech CEO

    Sam Cobb, managing director and CEO of Australian biotech AdAlta, talks about how the company has struggled to procure funding over the years and the strategies they employed to finally get listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

  6. Paving The Way For Future Funding

    Growing a life sciences company will have continuous demands for funding. Wherever that money comes from, undertaking a commitment to PCAOB (Public Company Accounting Oversight Board) compliance will be valued by potential investors.

  7. The Drug-Delivery Company That Partnerships Built

    “Normally a company raises money, does their science, and hopes to get a deal. We were the inverse of that,” explains Joseph Payne, president and CEO of Arcturus Therapeutics.

  8. Is China’s Golden Era Ending?

    The value of China’s biotechs fell some 30 percent since the trade war began, and VC funding, while strong, slipped before that. Interest in China, however, remains strong.

  9. How Biopharma & Medtech CFOs Are Viewing U.S. Tax Reform

    Biopharma and medtech companies are expecting mostly positive results from the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), according to research by The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions and Forbes Insights.

  10. How To Put A Price Tag On Emerging Therapies

    There’s no doubt that partnerships and M&As are key growth drivers in the biopharma industry.  But for collaborative relationships to occur, understanding the value of a company’s underlying assets is critical.