Articles by Camille Mojica Rey

  1. Connecting Women Who Are Boardroom Ready

    The inside scoop on a program designed for women seeking board positions at biopharma companies. It’s more than just training; it’s networking assistance that is the real value.

  2. Doug Given: From Pharma To Redefining Healthcare

    A retired pharma executive decides to tackle the daunting task of revamping the U.S. healthcare system.

  3. The Unique Challenges Facing Cannabis-based Pharma

    Now that the FDA has finally approved the first-ever pharmaceutical derived from the cannabis plant, will drug development — and success — in this niche finally take off?

  4. Big Pharma’s Unique Approaches To Leadership Development

    To ensure that future leaders will be up to the challenges they will face, pharma companies are pursuing unique programs focused on problem-solving — sometimes sending employees to developing countries where they must tackle real-world problems.

  5. MD’s I270 Biotech Corridor: A Hub Within A Hub

    The larger BioHealth Capital Region, of which the I-270 biotech corridor is a part, currently ranks as the fifth largest biotech hub in the U.S. with 39,000 people employed by the industry.

  6. Biopharma Pioneer Returns To Small Company Roots

    When Celgene began pursuing an aggressive acquisition strategy, David Stirling, Ph.D., a cofounder, decided to leave and eventually start his own company, BioTheryX.

  7. From Big Pharma To Small Company Founder

    Don DeGolyer talks about the process he took to go from working at a Big Pharma like Sandoz to founding and running his own small specialty pharma company.

  8. Why And How To Close The Gender Gap In The Life Sciences

    Women in leadership roles in the biopharma industry say it is imperative that the industry’s gender gap problem be addressed — by both men and women. Because, if the current trend of women leaving the industry continues, this problem will become a worker-shortage problem and reduce innovation that is vital for industry growth.

  9. Biopharma Startups Seek Big Pharma Expertise

    Former Big Pharma employees are helping startups go further in the drug development process, and in return, small companies are offering those with Big Pharma experience a chance to see what it’s like to have a large impact on the trajectory of a small company.

  10. Biopharma Startups Take Advantage Of Open IPO Window

    Biopharma startups are enjoying a window of opportunity for successful IPOs that opened in mid-2017. CEOs share their experiences of going public, what is fueling IPOs, and tips for others thinking about making this important next step.