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  1. 3 Can’t Miss Educational Sessions At BIO 2017

    As we get closer to one of our industry’s biggest annual gatherings, the BIO International 2017 Convention in San Diego, June 19 – 22, I have begun to pin down my schedule for which educational sessions I plan to attend. For me, this has always been a challenge, as BIO has so much great educational content. And with many of the educational sessions overlapping, I find I have to pick and choose where I want to be, often with at least two options from which to pick.

  2. Biopharmaceutical Industry CEO Of The Year — An Update

    On April 25, 2017, I posted a blog asking the question, Who Is The Biopharmaceutical CEO Of The Year. In the blog, I included a link to a short survey. Our goal was twofold: see if there was enough interest in continuing to pursue such an award, and generate an initial list of names that would be in contention. Thus far, 10 names have been submitted via dozens of submissions, but it’s too early for us to make any decisions or conclusions based on such a small amount of data.  

  3. Biopharma Innovation — Value At Any Price?

    In March I attended The Conference Forum’s R&D Leadership Summit. One of the panels that provided a great deal of insight involved executives discussing how to assess and create value for patients, payors, regulators, and society. This event employs the Chatham House Rule, which means “Neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.” Despite not being able to reveal that info, I still think the ideas that were shared will prove valuable.

  4. Are You Ready For BIO 2017 In San Diego?

    With the BIO International 2017 Convention being just seven weeks away, your preparations as an attendee should be well underway. But until they arrive on-site, many people often overlook deciding what educational sessions to attend. And while BIO attendees can afford to take such an approach, speakers certainly cannot. As the past BIO educational planning co-chair, I can attest that a lot of work goes into pulling off a high-quality educational session at BIO. Consider the following example.

  5. From Disney’s World To DC — City Hopping For ENDO & AACR

    Orlando, the city of warmth and happiness by design, hosted the Endocrine Society’s annual ENDO event this year, overlapping the Washington, DC-hosted AACR, the yearly confab by the American Association for Cancer Research, by several days. I was determined to visit both shows.

  6. Who Is The Biopharmaceutical Industry CEO Of The Year?

    I’ve been thinking, if you were going to name someone to be the biopharmaceutical industry CEO of the year, who would it be? But even more important than the who is the why. What criteria would you use? I’ve been looking through a bunch of articles that list top influencers for our industry, and the criterion for inclusion seems pretty subjective. There are media outlets that employ a variety of objective measures (i.e., company performance). And while perhaps better than a completely subjective approach, we all know that having great sales performance doesn’t necessarily make you a great leader. One of the best methodologies I have seen for naming a top CEO was done by the Harvard Business Review in 2015. It included financial data (weighted at 80 percent) and a measurement of a company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance (weighted at 20 percent).

  7. With Repeal And Replace Dead, Biopharma Still Has Plenty On Which To Focus

    Not long ago I had the opportunity to go to an invitation-only event attended by some of the biopharmaceutical industry’s biggest thought leaders. At the time, Repeal and Replace of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a priority for the new administration. But now that it has failed, you might be wondering what else should folks in biopharma be paying attention to?

  8. John Crowley — A Biopharma Bright Spot

    While watching President Trump address Congress on February, 28, 2017, I was struck by an odd sensation. Let me explain. The President was talking about the day being Rare-Disease Day, and that there was a special guest in attendance, Megan Crowley. When the television cameras panned up to show the 20-year old Notre Dame student who suffers from Pompe disease, I noticed a smiling gentleman standing next to Megan, and I thought, “I know that guy! How do I know that guy?” I considered it an odd sensation because while people often recognize someone on TV, it is rare (at least for me anyway) to feel a personal connection to the person that is smiling back at you.

  9. Readying For The R&D Leadership Summit 2017

    I will be attending one of my all-time favorite conferences this week (March 9 – 10), the R&D Leadership Summit put on by The Conference Forums’ Valerie Bowling. While some might find the organization’s employment of the Chatham House Rule to be too restrictive for someone like me to be able to come away with useful insights that could be shared, my experience has been quite to the contrary.

  10. Inovio Pharmaceuticals Is Doing More Than Just Creating Buzz At BIO CEO 2017

    When invited to host the BIO Buzz Center during the 2017 BIO CEO & Investor Conference in New York City on behalf of Life Science Leader magazine, I did not know who I’d be interviewing, just that I’d be doing about five video interviews with a number of industry executives and thought leaders.