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BIO Shines In San Francisco
BIO Shines In San Francisco
This year, the BIO Investor Forum (#BIF16) in San Francisco enjoyed its largest turnout ever, basked in the light and warmth of a dynamic industry that may not solve all of the world’s problems, but shines upon us, a salubrious star. Will the industry’s star shine upon everyone, or leave most of humanity in the shadows?  Continue Reading..
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IO: Science Still Drives The Business
How much science does a business person need to know? In this industry, the more the better. Without at least an excellent layperson’s understanding of the company’s scientific underpinnings, a life science executive will remain vulnerable to the greatest of all hazards in managing the business — today’s news.  Continue Reading..
Living With Pricing
Living With Pricing
Life Science Leader Launches a Search for Common Ground  Continue Reading..
BIO Still Delivers
BIO Still Delivers
If the BIO International Convention did nothing but assemble the 16,000 people who came to this year’s meeting in San Francisco, simply giving them a space to talk, that alone would be a great achievement.  Continue Reading..
An Absent Life Science Blogger’s Backstory
An Absent Life Science Blogger’s Backstory
Alas, I am a specialized ignoramus, or dilettante; aka, a journalist. To ask even the most basic questions about the series topic — generally, new therapeutic approaches to neurodegenerative diseases — I first put myself through a veritable college course on the subject, reading and rereading through a tall (cyber) pile of related scientific, medical, and commercial literature. And yet, it is not the unseen labor I regret, but the...  Continue Reading..
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Write Thinking — Biopharma At the Turn of the Year
Writing is reinforced thinking. It is a stronger, more constructive way of moving through the thought world. Because I am a trade journalist covering the life science industry, all of those things tend to appear to me in industry terms. Take the drug-pricing debate, for example.     Continue Reading..
Startups & Outsourcing — Opposite Poles or Virtual Partners?
Startups & Outsourcing — Opposite Poles or Virtual Partners?
Let’s face it, finding the money often captures all but a few crumbs of the typical startup CEO’s attention. Laser-sharp illustrations in the company’s dog-and-pony show may present its scientific platform with convincing clarity and purpose, but traditionally, investment conferences have not been a place where the dollar-hungry startup talks about the infrastructure it must build or hire to turn its science into a medical...  Continue Reading..
Cancer Therapy
Reliving the Past, Shaping the Future of Cancer Therapy
What prompted this reverie was a news item on AZ’s new “crowdsourcing” approach to cancer-drug treatment. The report uncritically hailed the program as a veritable revolution...  Continue Reading..
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Was It the Weather? — Why Biotech Came from California
Could climate have played as big a role as science and capital in the origins of the biotechnology industry? The question is about beginning: did this brand new industry need that extra push of a beneficent clime to overcome the unlikelihood of such a business ever being born?  Continue Reading..
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BIO 2015 — A Big Tent Can Be Hard on the Feet
What is biotechnology? A manufacturing machine? A business model? An industry built on manipulating life itself for medical and other purposes? Wait. What?  Continue Reading..
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Wayne Koberstein

Wayne Koberstein is a 30-year veteran of the publishing industry, with extensive experience in publishing, communications, and business development. Wayne has interviewed and profiled more than 300 top executives in pharmaceutical companies, as well as major regulatory and health care leaders, around the world. He has also created special media projects and conferences, in addition to serving widely as speaker, moderator, and advisor for industry meetings.