Magazine Articles

  1. Republicans … Insert Price Controls In Part D

    No one is arguing that enacting price controls in Medicare Part D means they would be applicable in nongovernment commercial contracts. But requiring rebates for price increases that exceed an arbitrary index obviously is a price control in Medicare.

  2. The Importance Of Pursuing Clinical Trial Costs

    As clinical trials become more complex in terms of regulatory compliance and scope of study, it is more important than ever that procurement teams develop a clear understanding of the various cost drivers related to operating a clinical trial.

  3. Companies To Watch: Bioharmony Therapeutics

    Bioharmony Therapeutics is developing novel, “lysin-based” antimicrobials. The company is out to change the world of antibiotics, not by tweaking an old formula, but by advancing an entirely new mode of action.

  4. Meeting Business Challenges By Design, Not Accident

    The story of the business challenges faced by Diasome Pharmaceuticals as it develops its insulin-enhancing delivery technology, which seeks to correct a long-known deficiency in subcutaneous injection of insulin.

  5. A Network Cyberattack I’ll Never Forget

    Not long ago, one of our global clients fell victim to a cyberattack. Forty-five thousand employees, worldwide, were suddenly disconnected from their email, calendars, spreadsheets — even their IP calling system went dark.