Magazine Articles

  1. Restructuring Of Medicare Part D Imminent

    New challenges have emerged regarding Medicare Part D which require a fundamental re-examination and modernization of the program.

  2. Companies To Watch: Synlogic

    Synlogic is an early-stage developer of “synthetic biotic” medicines — therapeutics consisting of beneficial microbes genetically engineered to treat rare metabolic diseases.

  3. Developing Cannabinoid Pharmaceuticals Amid The “Cannabusiness” Craze

    A lot of Big Pharma companies were on the sidelines because they were unclear how cannabinoid therapeutics would be regulated by the FDA,” explains Alex Wasyl, CEO of Nexien BioPharma.

  4. Give Your Team A Break

    Across a dozen fields – from social psychology to endocrinology to chronobiology – researchers are assembling a new science of breaks. Their main finding: Leaders and their teams should be taking more breaks.

  5. Will What Happened With Product Promotion Be Replicated In Product Pricing?

    Whether it’s product promotion or pricing practices, biopharma’s inability to envision long-term consequences when implementing short-term decisions further handicaps what it is trying to do.