Magazine Articles

  1. Pelosi Bill’s Head Shot To The Rx Industry

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) unveiled her long-awaited, sweeping “Lower Drug Costs Now Act of 2019” (HR 3) that would establish price controls for up to 250 branded drugs, not just for government programs, but for all commercial contracts as well!

  2. From Consumer Products CEO To Biopharma CEO

    Walter Klemp, CEO of Moleculin, shares several lessons he learned from his consumer-product background.

  3. Companies To Watch: eXIthera

    This month’s company to watch is eXIthera, which is focused on inhibiting Factor XIa, a new target that may offer a way to avoid the bleeding problems with current anticoagulants.

  4. Taking A Strengths-Based Approach To Diversity & Inclusion

    Organizations and their leaders often focus on what needs to improve, but research shows there is more to be gained from a strengths-based approach. Coaching around strengths yields greater optimism and success.

  5. Potential Solutions To Current Pricing Models For Cell And Gene Therapies

    Curative cell & gene therapies are changing modern medicine as we know it, but are their high price tags fair to the patient?