Magazine Articles

  1. Speaker Pelosi’s Unconstitutional Rx Bill

    Red flags have gone up regarding the vast overreach of Speaker Pelosi’s sweeping bill (H.R. 3), raising concerns that its key provisions that would enable the government to dictate prescription drug prices may be deemed unconstitutional.

  2. Biotechs Will Make Music In The “Twenty-Twenties”

    Outsourced Pharma Chief Editor Louis Garguilo talks with two biotech CEOs about why they believe this industry should expect an infusion of technology and improved productivity in the coming years.

  3. Challenges Facing The Cell And Gene Sector’s Regulation Landscape

    Here are the critical action items cell and gene therapy professionals should heed to keep pace with the sector’s ever-evolving regulations.

  4. Biosimilar Competition Is Here To Stay In 2020

    Though the U.S. hasn’t witnessed a biosimilar market explosion as many anticipated, uptake has slowly but surely been creeping upward. I’m far from alone in believing it’s too early to propose dismantling the biosimilar industry.

  5. Technology Advancements Spur Adoption Of Virtual Trials

    Virtual trials have been around for years, so why are they still met with skepticism? Clinical trial executives from Janssen and Astellas weigh in on this hot topic for 2020.