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Back In Action — At and After ASCO 2015
At ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) most of the experts are leading researchers in the immunotherapy field with whom I spoke at last year’s ASCO meeting. This time, I essentially collected their views on how cancer immunotherapy has progressed during the past year.  Continue Reading..
life science industry innovation
Love Me, Love Me Not — The Life Science Industry’s Paradox
Cold-hearted logic dominates the quest for shareholder value, even as industry insiders complain that “nobody loves us.” What better example of the conundrum exists than the current commentary about Gilead and its wonder drugs for Hep C?  Continue Reading..
Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
HBA Honors Women Leading the Industry — The West Coast Simulcast
After some pleasant conversation at Genentech, I did not realize several of the women at the adjacent table were to be members of one of the best discussion panels I’ve ever witnessed at the HBA Woman of the Year award ceremony.  Continue Reading..
cmo awards 2015
Durable Take-Homes from DCAT Week 15 — And Our Annual CMO Awards Celebration
It is now weeks since I returned home from this year’s DCAT Week conference in New York City, and the delay has benefitted my perspective, testing each “take-home” for durability of importance over time. The important links remain, while the non-essential ones slough off like falling leaves.  Continue Reading..
biopharma innovation and risk assessement
Valor For Invention
A lot of discussion at Biocom’s Global Partnering Conference about large companies’ continuing inability to deal with risk. I’m not reflecting public perception here, but the opinions of people in the industry, in companies large and small.  Continue Reading..
big pharma frozen in time
Pharma — Frozen in Place or Running from the Past?
We editors have debates about whether Pfizer is pharma or “biopharma.” After all, what self-respecting Big Pharma would risk being caught dead these days with no biotech-based products? Does that mean they have all outgrown the pharma label?  Continue Reading..
biotech startups - bay bio
Bio By The Bay — Science Means Business
Somebody better teach these start-up executives how to run a company — and FAST! No clearer rationale was needed for the San Francisco Bay Area industry group, the BayBio Institute, to get moving with its FAST (Fellows All-Star Team) mentoring program to serve the leaders of BayBio’s smallest member companies, or Fellows.  Continue Reading..
bio investor forum san francisco
A Braver Agenda - Reflections On The BIO Investor Forum 2014
The BIO Investor Forum, October 7 and 8, in San Francisco, fourteen pages of tweets, a sheaf of business cards, reams of notes, and memorable moments and as almost everywhere else, the subject of Ebola frequently surfaced. Was it just on our minds because it was threatening “our people” for the first time? Yes. But more on Ebola later.  Continue Reading..
Taxes At Work
Taxes At Work: The Federal Government Gives A Boost To Life Science Start-ups
An Interview with Michael Weingarten, Head of the NCI SBIR Development Center, and Lean Launchpad’s Steve Blank, NIH Business Mentor.  Continue Reading..
bay bio logo
Leading By Following — BayBio’s Gail Maderis
BayBio’s survey and white paper, “Successful Public-Private Partnerships,” was the wellspring of our four-part series on best practices for collaborations between life science companies and patient/disease foundations in drug development. Here the head of the San Francisco Bay area biotech-industry association offers perspectives on the survey’s origin, implementation, and results.   Continue Reading..
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Wayne Koberstein

Wayne Koberstein is a 30-year veteran of the publishing industry, with extensive experience in publishing, communications, and business development. Wayne has interviewed and profiled more than 300 top executives in pharmaceutical companies, as well as major regulatory and health care leaders, around the world. He has also created special media projects and conferences, in addition to serving widely as speaker, moderator, and advisor for industry meetings.