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Can You Believe This New Pfizer? A Semi-Personal View
You will have to guess the year I first visited Pfizer from the following account. It will likely date me anyway just to describe the long-gone players in that long-ago entity. Pfizer was then the fact and symbol of the monolithic pharmaceutical corporation, housing nearly all of its management, marketing, and research functions in a single mid-Manhattan skyscraper.  Continue Reading..
The Twitter Side Of BIF
At the BIO Investor Forum, I gave myself completely to the new, here-and-now technology of Twitter, and to the almighty power of the hashtag.  Continue Reading..
A Year Of Challenge For Teva And Copaxone
Almost since he joined Teva as CEO in 2012, Jeremy Levin has been under analyst and shareholder pressure on a number of fronts. A brief flare-up over company “secrecy” about his compensation faded after Teva revealed the details. But patent expirations looming for key products, primarily Copaxone (glatiramer acetate), have fueled concerns about whether the company’s development pipeline holds sufficient potential to replace...  Continue Reading..
New Crop of Boom-Time Prospectors Discover Biotech IPOs
To get my own bearings in this heady new world, the great biotech IPO boom of 2013, I could only turn to someone who knows the terrain first hand. No one has a more experienced and strategic view of the surge of IPOs, which started in the second quarter and looks to continue for some months to come, than Linda Killian, Principal of Renaissance Capital. Linda’s views balance nicely with the optimistic take of another venture capitalist...  Continue Reading..
In Flux: Technology, Humanity, And Viscosity
People seem to like old war stories, as long as, being fascinating in their own right, they are relevant to today. I believe this one qualifies for telling, or retelling, for its ongoing relevance. First, my memory was sparked by an isolated comment by a speaker in one of the sessions at the AAPS National Biotech Conference: “We still can’t measure viscosity directly.”  Continue Reading..
Pharma Faces Reality at the R&D Leadership Summit
At the R&D Leadership Summit by The Conference Forum, candid conversations, sober analyses, and a widening awareness of the outside world inform a uniquely private confab, where R&D leaders confront the industry’s innovation gap.  Continue Reading..