Magazine Article | August 9, 2017

Reader Feedback: August

Source: Life Science Leader

In addition to the subject-matter experts he interviews for his feature articles, Chief Editor Rob Wright is constantly networking with biopharma executives at top industry trade shows and via site visits. He also frequently reaches out to subscribers to gauge their opinions on what’s hot in this ever-changing industry. Here's some recent reader feedback.

Hi Rob,
I enjoy your biographical articles about the career paths followed by various biotech executives.  I also enjoy the articles by prominent biotech R&D leaders about the strategies being pursued by their R&D divisions. I often share your stories about the paths that various biotech leaders followed throughout their careers.

J., Sanofi Genzyme


Hey Rob,
I enjoyed the Vivek [“What’s The Backbone Of Vivek Ramaswamy’s Success?”] article, per usual; good stuff and neat to learn about their onboarding (opt in/out) process.

C., Genzum Life Sciences


I found your May 2017 issue to be excellent, not only because of the continued highlighting of CEOs (love the idea of an issue about retired CEOs) but also the John McManus article on consolidation of providers and also the very interesting Cuban Biopharma trend, Part 1.

M., Biogen


Congrats again on another fine publication — it’s one that I anticipate with enthusiasm all the time. I truly enjoy the information, and I also value the entertaining insights that you often collect through your interviews.

R., Merck


Dear Rob,
I found “Journey To The Corporate Boardroom” to be a very useful and insightful article. I may never serve on a board myself, but it was quite interesting to see how one goes about it.

S., Novartis


Dear Rob,
I’m writing to express how much I value your CMO Leadership Awards issue. Life Science Leader has become an invaluable resource for me to find worthwhile news and information, frequently from the industry leaders and experts directly via interviews and awards, as well as diversified columns. We used the award issue to help us understand the landscape and the type of services that all the different companies are providing.

O., Atrin Pharmaceuticals