Newsletter | September 15, 2023

09.15.23 -- Strategic Business Pivoting For Cell & Gene Startups


Bio & The Business Of Aging With Life Biosciences' Jerry McLaughlin

The fountain of youth might be a fantasy, but the science behind manipulating the biology of aging has become big business. But does the investment community understand and embrace the concept? Will regulatory agencies view aging as an indication that warrants therapeutic review? And how does a legitimate biopharma company separate itself from the consumer-packaged anti-aging and cosmetic procedures markets? Business of Biotech welcomes Life Biosciences' CEO Jerry McLaughlin to address these questions and more.


Strategic Business Pivoting For Cell & Gene Startups

Understanding the different types of pivots and when to use them can increase the chances of success for any life sciences company.

Leadership Pressures: Causing An Imbalanced Organization

We all must do what’s best for our business, our teams (people), and ultimately the patient in a compliant manner. So, what happens if you prioritize one over the other?

Corporate Social Responsibility: Action Builds Community

Despite the hand-wringing that often accompanies conversations around corporate social responsibility (CSR), there is nothing controversial about basic human needs.


4 Ways To Gain A Competitive Edge In This Bio/Pharma Talent Shortage

It’s no secret that finding pharma/biotech manufacturing talent is challenging, and the lack of workers is having a negative impact on productivity and growth. Here are four effective strategies for recruiting, training, educating, and retaining your workforce.


Cell And Gene Therapy Global Regulatory Report

Get a global overview of the cell and gene therapy regulatory landscape, including pipeline, late-stage, and approved products, covering cell, genetically modified cell, and gene therapies.

Nasal Vaccine Development, Manufacturing, And Device Selection

As you consider developing a nasal delivery program, a partner with experience in the development and manufacturing techniques that can see a program through small-scale clinical to commercial supply is crucial.

Overcoming Limitations To Achieve Uniform Dosing

An immediate need for lower dose capsules in the clinic posed several challenges in blend formulation with very tight timelines for delivery.

TEConomy Report Highlights North Carolina's Sector Growth

Here, the Evidence and Opportunity series presents an updated assessment and evaluation of the economic position, performance, and impacts of the life sciences industry in North Carolina and more.


September 2023 Digital Edition

Inside you will find more on:

  • Nurses In Life Sciences
  • Data Privacy
  • Project Management
  • Regulations

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