Beyond The Printed Page

  1. 3 Valuable Lessons Learned By A First-Time Entrepreneur

    Bassil Dahiyat, Ph.D., president and CEO of Xencor, a publicly traded biotech he founded right out of graduate school, shares three formative experiences gained as a first-time entrepreneur.

  2. Why Orchard Therapeutics Mark Rothera Is A Rare Disease Champion

    The career path of Orchard Therapeutics’ CEO Mark Rothera provides insight into how the executive came to be a champion of rare disease drug development.

  3. How Mark Rothera Came To His Dream Job

    Mark Rothera spent the majority of his career working for U.S.-based biopharmas. So, when he had the opportunity to work in his home country and preferred therapeutic area, he pursued it relentlessly.

  4. 6 Things You Might Not Know About Richard Pops, CEO Of Alkermes

    You might know Richard Pops is one of the longest tenured CEOs in biopharma, but here are six things perhaps you didn’t know about the chairman of Alkermes.

  5. Biopharma Parallel — Women Bring Balance

    Rachel King, CEO and cofounder of GlycoMimetics, talks about women in the biopharma industry as part of this preview of her feature story that appears in the May issue of LSL.

  6. Alkermes’ Richard Pops On Always Looking Forward

    Richard Pops, CEO of Alkermes, discusses his philosophy of being forward looking, but shares how such an approach can also have its drawbacks.

  7. The Keys To Success For ViiV Healthcare

    Deborah Waterhouse, CEO of ViiV Healthcare, provides insight as to how GSK’s joint venture has been able to achieve and maintain success.

  8. A Pharma Exec Defines Her “Recipe for Business Success”

    Deborah Waterhouse, CEO of GSK’s joint venture ViiV Healthcare, discusses her three keys to business success.

  9. A CEO’s Most Formative Leadership Experience

    Intellia Therapeutics CEO, John Leonard, M.D., shares a formative leadership experience from his days at Abbott Laboratories. 

  10. What You Don’t Know About John Leonard, The CEO Of Intellia Therapeutics

    Intellia Therapeutics CEO, John Leonard, M.D., provides insight into why he entered industry, and his drive to be an entrepreneur.