Beyond The Printed Page

  1. Sanofi’s Digital Health Guru On Joint Ventures And Finding Top Talent

    Ameet Nathwani, M.D., EVP of Sanofi’s medical function, discusses digital health joint venture with Verily Life Sciences, and good places to look for digital health top talent.

  2. Small Clinical Trials Lead To Big Results

    In this preview of our July 2018 issue, the CEO of Sage Therapeutics, Jeff Jonas, M.D., elaborates on the company’s approach to developing small clinical trials.

  3. What Is “A Return To The Basics Of Science?”

    Sage Therapeutics’ CEO Jeff Jonas, M.D., discusses what he means by a “return to the basics of science” at his company.

  4. Pending Depression Breakthroughs From The Sage Therapeutics’ CEO

    Jeff Jonas, M.D., CEO of Sage Therapeutics, discusses some of the challenges of launching a product that could change the paradigm of treating postpartum depression (PPD).

  5. Allergan, Biogen, And GSK — 3 Questions To 3 Manufacturing Experts At 3 Companies

    Three manufacturing executives from three different companies (i.e., Allergan, Biogen, and GSK) tackle questions on trends, regions, and the future of biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

  6. What Will Have A Big Impact On Your Biopharma Manufacturing Organizations?

    Four biopharma manufacturing executives disclose what they are doing at their organization that will have a big impact on manufacturing operations in 2018 and beyond.

  7. How Might Biopharma Manufacturing Differ In The Next Decade?

    Three biopharmaceutical key opinion leaders envision the future of manufacturing in 2028 and beyond.

  8. More Questions About Regeneron’s Approach To Blue-Sky Research

    George Yancopoulos, M.D., Ph.D., president and chief scientific officer at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, shares thoughts on “blue sky” research, and the important role it plays in remaining a productive R&D innovation engine.

  9. Emerging Innovations — And Their Pending Impact On Biopharma Manufacturing

    Three biopharmaceutical manufacturing executives provide perspective on what emerging innovations could impact manufacturing within the next few years.

  10. 6 Manufacturing KOLs Reveal The Trends They Find Most Exciting

    Six biopharmaceutical industry key opinion leaders reveal what manufacturing trends they find most exciting and why.