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Coordinates of COVID-19 Press Aligos Therapeutics To Pivot On Multiple Fronts
Lawrence Blatt, Ph.D., cofounder and CEO of Aligos Therapeutics, discusses how his company pivoted as a result of the current pandemic, including announced efforts to develop a vaccine for COVID-19.  Continue Reading..
The Reality Of Living In A COVID19 World
Chief editor Rob Wright shares the difficulty associated with living, working and trying to be productive during the COVID-19 pandemic.   Continue Reading..
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Practical And Psychological Tips For Virtual Conferencing During COVID-19
With many people now forced to work from home as a result of COVID-19, we will undoubtedly see a rise in the use of video conferencing. Here are some practical and psychological tips for connecting virtually and maintaining engagement with employees.  Continue Reading..
Working From Home While Living In A Coronavirus World
Chief editor Rob Wright shares thoughts and best practices on working from home while living in a coronavirus world.  Continue Reading..
Coronavirus Conference Cancellations
Pandemic’s Postponement Of 2020 R&D Leadership Summit Proves One Of Many
Chief Editor Rob Wright talks about the cancellation of the R&D Leadership Summit and why the U.S. holds the potential to be a coronavirus catastrophe.  Continue Reading..
Carol Lynch 1 BIO CEO 2020
BIO CEO 2020 Is No JPM — And That’s A Good Thing
Chief editor Rob Wright provides an overview of some of his experiences from recent attendance at the BIO CEO and Investor Conference in New York.  Continue Reading..
David Chang JPM 2020 refined
JPM Welcomes Life Sciences Into What Could Be The Roaring Twenties Of Discovery
Rob Wright shares his thoughts on the 38th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference and “JPM” as we enter a decade that could be “roaring with cures.” Content specifically curated for professional development of c-level life science leaders.  Continue Reading..
The Leadership Meeting – Where Leaders Go To Learn
Rob Wright provides a high-level overview of The Leadership Meeting, a pre-JPM conference with content specifically curated for professional development of c-level life science leaders.  Continue Reading..
Brightspot: How A Biopharma VC Makes A Difference For Orphans
Ed Torres, managing partner at Lilly Ventures, shares how he and his wife got involved in making a difference for U.S. orphans.  Continue Reading..
Tim Wright Amir Kalali and Me CNS 2019
The CNS Summit — A Caring Community Of Collaborative Solution Finders
Chief editor Rob Wright explains what differentiates the CNS Summit from other biopharmaceutical industry conferences.  Continue Reading..