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Think You Know About Extreme Teaming?
Rob Wright digs into the “extreme teaming” work of Amy Edmondson, Novartis professor of leadership and management at Harvard, and Jean-Francois Harvey, assistant professor at HEC Montreal, drawing on the 2010 Chilean mining disaster as an example.  Continue Reading..
Do You (As A Leader) Create Great Choices?
Rob Wright highlights the “integrative thinking” work of Jennifer Riel and Roger Martin, professors at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, in helping leaders make great choices, drawing on LEGO’s entry into feature films as an example.  Continue Reading..
What's It Like To Be A Panelist At BIO?
Chris Anselmo provides his thoughts as a first time panelist and attendee of the 2019 BIO International Convention and Conference, Philadelphia, PA, June 3 - 6.  Continue Reading..
BIO And JPM — So Much In Common, And Yet So Different
While the annual BIO International Convention and Conference has much in common with the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, first time attendee of BIO, Matt Pillar, quickly picks up on key points of differentiation at BIO 2019 this year in Philadelphia, PA, June 3 - 6.  Continue Reading..
Are You A Superboss?
Rob Wright provides insight into the categories and shared attributes of superbosses, as derived from 10 years of research and more than 200 interviews by Sydney Finkelstein, #23 on the Thinker50 2017 rankings.  Continue Reading..
Collaboration And Teamwork — As Different As Management And Leadership
Rob Wright discusses the difference between collaboration and teamwork, and what companies and leaders should be focusing on.  Continue Reading..
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What Are Biopharma R&D Leaders Focused On?
The Conference Forum’s invitation only R&D Leadership Summit sheds light on areas of focus and concern for top biopharmaceutical industry executives.  Continue Reading..
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From Utrecht To Amsterdam — Day 3 Of The Netherlands' Biopharma Press Tour — Part 2
The Netherlands’ biopharma press tour concludes in Amsterdam with presentations (e.g., AIMM Therapeutics) and guided tours of the O2 building and the National Screening Laboratory (NSS) for Sanquin.  Continue Reading..
From Utrecht To Amsterdam — Day 3
From Utrecht To Amsterdam — Day 3 Of The Netherlands' Biopharma Press Tour — Part 1
Day 3 of the Netherlands’ biopharma press tour begins with presentations at the Utrecht Science Park (USP).  Continue Reading..
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The Board Meeting West — More Than Just A Pre-JPM Appetizer?
Rob Wright provides insight into The Board Meeting West, a life sciences industry event for high-level biopharmaceutical executives serving on corporate boards, or hoping to do so in the near future.  Continue Reading..
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Rob Wright

Rob Wright was chief editor of Life Science Leader magazine from 2011-2021. Prior to joining the publication, he spent nearly 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry. During his industry career, Wright conducted well over 1,000 presentations and roundtable discussions, including the facilitation of FDA-mandated clinical training programs for hundreds of licensed healthcare providers. He has chaired, moderated, and served as a speaker at industry and academic conferences, and served as co-chair for the 2015 and 2018 BIO International conference’s educational planning committee. Wright’s 500+ published articles have appeared in peer-reviewed academic journals, B2B magazines and online publications. He received a B.S. in Business Administration from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, MBA with distinction from Gannon University, and completed his doctoral coursework in marketing at Cleveland State University. He is a member of international business honor societies Sigma Beta Delta and Beta Gamma Sigma. He can be followed on Twitter @RfwrightLSL