Industry Research

  1. A Look At 2018’s CDMO Expansions

    ISR looked at each month in the past year to identify the biggest expansion news announced by large CDMOs.

  2. Decision-making Responsibilities When Outsourcing Late-Phase Studies

    A look at which departments at sponsor organizations are involved in the decision-making process and how much decision-making responsibility each department has for outsourcing various late-phase study activities.

  3. The Interconnected World Of Blockbuster Oncology Drugs

    A hypertree showing the network of connections between 2017’s top-selling oncology products. Oncology drugs made up 13 of last year’s top 50 selling products.

  4. The Top 5 Selection Drivers For Phase IV Services

    Understanding which attributes industry peers feel are important can help in the process of CRO selection.

  5. Department Influence On CMO Selection

    When it comes to CMO selection, Executive Management and Manufacturing/Production hold the most influence over the decision, each accounting for ~20% of control.

  6. Choosing A Development-Stage eCOA/ePRO Provider

    ISR asked study sponsors, CROs, and clinical research sites what’s the most important attribute they would use to select an eCOA (electronic clinical outcomes assessment)/ePRO (electronic patient reported outcomes) provider for development-stage products.

  7. What Are The Largest Slices Of The 2018 CRO Market?

    2017 was another strong year for CRO growth, with all major/public service providers experiencing year-over-year revenue gains. The largest component of CRO market revenue by geography, development, and service line is highlighted here.

  8. Is The U.S. Biosimilar Industry Falling Behind?

    Eighty-seven percent of global biosimilar sales come from the E.U., compared to just 2 percent from the U.S. We asked outsourced biomanufacturing decision-makers from North America and Europe to share their companies’ stances on selling and manufacturing biosimilars.

  9. Trial Data Collection: Paper Vs. Electronic

    The use of electronic data collection tools is prevalent across clinical trial phases. Respondents with visibility into Phase 4 studies report 90 to 96% of these studies use electronic data capture tools, either exclusively or as part of a hybrid EDC/paper strategy.

  10. 10 Years Of CRO Performance

    The 10th Edition of ISR’s CRO Quality Benchmarking Suite comes out this year. Here we take a look at how the CRO landscape has changed throughout the past decade.