Industry Research

  1. The Evolution Of IRT

    Integration with eClinical software applications will drive IRT (interactive response technology) enhancements, but it is important to many study sponsors that IRT be delivered though companies that specialize in this technology.

  2. 2018 NDAs: Living In The Wake Of 2017

    What is the effect of a near-record volume of drug approvals? Just think about the potential impact on manufacturing, market access, late-phase clinical development, and sales and marketing activities.

  3. What Drives CRO Preferred Provider Selection?

    Using data from several market research reports, Industry Standard Research analyzed preferred provider arrangements across clinical development, eClinical, and contract manufacturing industries. Go to to see the full infographic, which includes data for the contract manufacturing and eClinical markets.

  4. Experiential Data Sheds Light On The CRO Selection Process

    Industry Standard Research (ISR), a full-service market research provider to the pharma and pharma services industries, has collected information from outsourcing decision makers via an online survey regarding their selection and evaluation of CROs.

  5. Pharma Industry Lacks Consensus On Key Attribute Of A Sponsor-CMO Relationship

    Over the past several decades, the practice of outsourcing has evolved from transactional, client-vendor relationships where cost savings were the primary focus, to preferred provider relationships with pre-vetted companies to start up projects quickly and then to relationships more strategic in nature to gain access to technologies, skills, or expertise not possessed in-house.