Life Science Leader Blogs

  1. What Is the Role VCs Play In Partnering With Small Biotech?

    When Peter Young began planning his session proposal for this year’s BIO International Conference, he wanted to create a session worthy of your time. His session may be fascinating, but the young, a 35-year veteran of the biopharmaceutical industry, took some time to provide additional industry insights — ones you are not likely to gather by only attending his session.

  2. Love Me, Love Me Not — The Life Science Industry’s Paradox

    Cold-hearted logic dominates the quest for shareholder value, even as industry insiders complain that “nobody loves us.” What better example of the conundrum exists than the current commentary about Gilead and its wonder drugs for Hep C?

  3. HBA Honors Women Leading the Industry — The West Coast Simulcast

    After some pleasant conversation at Genentech, I did not realize several of the women at the adjacent table were to be members of one of the best discussion panels I’ve ever witnessed at the HBA Woman of the Year award ceremony.

  4. J&J’s Solution To The Compassionate-Use Hot Potato

    While I applaud the leadership of J&J for coming up with what seems to be a fair, equitable, and ethical solution to the phenomenon of desperate patients using social media to campaign for early access to medication, to me it feels more like a version of compassionate-use hot potato to tackle a problem nobody really wants to be associated with.

  5. One’s Perception Is One’s Reality

    A quote from Albert Einstein saying, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” When you consider that HBA was founded over 35 years ago, I wonder if its present mission of advancing the impact of women in healthcare worldwide is being supported by a name that is not inclusive of all its present day stakeholders.

  6. Isn’t It Time We Just Combine Biotech and Pharma Under One Category?

    Considering all the biotech and pharma M&A activity, isn’t it about time we just combine the two and start referring to it as one — the biopharmaceutical industry? After all, that is the end result of all this M&A.

  7. Durable Take-Homes from DCAT Week 15 — And Our Annual CMO Awards Celebration

    It is now weeks since I returned home from this year’s DCAT Week conference in New York City, and the delay has benefitted my perspective, testing each “take-home” for durability of importance over time. The important links remain, while the non-essential ones slough off like falling leaves.

  8. When Will The Biotech Sky Fall?

    If you lived through the dot-com stock market crash of March 11, 2000, you probably have some appreciation for the present day Henny Pennys who fear the sky will soon fall for biotech. One of the key trends fueling the alarm is the continued surge in biopharmaceutical company valuations.

  9. How Good Are Your Negotiation Skills?

    I had never heard the phrase “the curse of knowledge” before attending this year’s DCAT Week conference. But on my way home from NYC, of all the new facts, topics, and concepts I had crammed into my brain at the show, it was this one that persistently kept coming to the forefront.

  10. Presenting The CMO Leadership Awards — A Humbling Experience In Trust

    I imagine it's a rare occurrence for someone to pause and ponder if what they are putting into or on their body to be safe. As human beings, we place a high degree of faith in the companies that manufacture the BioPharmaceutical products we use on a daily basis.