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Reflection And Projection 2.0 — 15 CEOs Map Biopharma’s Present And Future
In this outlook article with 15 biopharma CEOs, they talk about everything from trends to watch, to disruptive innovations to the effects and future of remote work on the industry.  Continue Reading..
  • From SPAC To De-SPAC, A Tutorial From A CFO: Part 2

    This is part two of a Q&A with Michael Byrnes, CFO at eFFECTOR Therapeutics, a company currently in the process of de-SPAC-ing a May 2021 announced SPAC with Locust Walk Acquisition Corp.

  • Jaguar Health’s Lisa Conte — An Entrepreneurial Ascent Like No Other

    Lisa Conte’s idea was to do more efficient drug discovery and development by leveraging the knowledge of “traditional healers.” However, like most entrepreneurial climbs, it would prove arduous, with plenty of slips, trips, and spills along the way.

  • Let Us Give Thanks

    While we should give thanks for all the blessings brought forth by so many life science companies, let us not forget to give thanks to those that matter most — the life science entrepreneurs.

  • $4 Billion In 4 Years: The Story Of SpringWorks Therapeutics

    Saqib Islam was one of the five founding members of SpringWorks Therapeutics, which was spun out of Pfizer in 2017. An atypical startup, the company launched with the rights to four clinical-stage experimental therapies and grew quickly in the next few years.

  • Is Greed Good For Drug Development?

    While it’s debatable why exactly so much has been able to be accomplished in such a short time regarding COVID vaccine development, to me, this shift was driven by two key factors.

  • From SPAC To De-SPAC, A Tutorial From A CFO

    Part one of a Q&A with Michael Byrnes, CFO at eFFECTOR Therapeutics, a company (as of this writing) currently in the process of de-SPAC-ing a May 2021 announced SPAC with Locust Walk Acquisition Corp. (LWAC).

  • How 3 Biopharma Entrepreneurs Responded To COVID-19 Lockdowns

    During our executive virtual roundtable, “From Academia To The Biopharma C-Suite,” we asked three biopharma entrepreneurs, “What did you do when the COVID-19 lockdowns hit?” Their responses were insightful.

  • When Will Biopharma Be Back In The Office?

    Three biopharmaceutical executives discuss plans around their company getting back to in-office operations.

  • 35-Year Biopharma R&D Vet Takes On His Second Startup

    Norbert Bischofberger, Ph.D., had a good job at Gilead where he had worked for nearly two decades. Then, out of the blue, he found out he was being considered for a CEO position at a small startup called Kronos Bio.

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Rob Wright was chief editor of Life Science Leader magazine from 2011-2021. Prior to joining the publication, he spent nearly 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry. During his industry career, Wright conducted well over 1,000 presentations and roundtable discussions, including the facilitation of FDA-mandated clinical training programs for hundreds of licensed healthcare providers. He has chaired, moderated, and served as a speaker at industry and academic conferences, and served as co-chair for the 2015 and 2018 BIO International conference’s educational planning committee. Wright’s 500+ published articles have appeared in peer-reviewed academic journals, B2B magazines and online publications. He received a B.S. in Business Administration from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, MBA with distinction from Gannon University, and completed his doctoral coursework in marketing at Cleveland State University. He is a member of international business honor societies Sigma Beta Delta and Beta Gamma Sigma. He can be followed on Twitter @RfwrightLSL