Life Science Leader Blogs

  1. The CNS Summit — A Caring Community Of Collaborative Solution Finders

    Chief editor Rob Wright explains what differentiates the CNS Summit from other biopharmaceutical industry conferences.

  2. Making A Difference For Veterans: A Biopharma Bright Spot

    The little known story of an immigrant couple making a $15 million difference for U.S. veterans.

  3. Negative Perceptions Of Biopharma — Let’s Get The Ugly On The Table

    A Life Science Leader reader shares their thoughts on why the biopharmaceutical industry’s reputation is so dismal, but also proposes solutions for how to repair it.

  4. Want To Start Fixing Biopharma’s Reputation? Let’s Start By Sharing More Biopharma Brightspots

    With the biopharmaceutical industry’s reputation at an all-time low, Life Science Leader’s Rob Wright looks to share little-known stories of the good being done by employees of biopharma. This first installment involves Antoine Yver, M.D., EVP and global head of R&D at Daiichi Sankyo, who helped to cofound a 501(c)3 nonprofit restaurant, The Blue Bears Special Meals.

  5. Have We Seen The End Of Competitive Advantage?

    Thinker50 member and Columbia Business School Professor Rita Gunther McGrath, Ph.D., believes we have seen the end of sustainable competitive advantage, but has some solutions for businesses open to building strategies around transient competitive advantage.

  6. Biopharma’s Reputation — Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire

    Chief Editor Rob Wright discusses the implications of the recent Gallup poll indicating pharma presently being the most poorly regarded of all industries in the eyes of Americans.

  7. The Opioid Addiction Crisis — A Historical View From The Front Lines

    Chief Editor Rob Wright saw glimpses into the impending opioid crisis back when he was working as a pharma sales rep in the pain management space.

  8. Is It Time To Throw In The Towel On Biosimilars In The U.S.?

    Rob Wright takes issue with Peter Bach, M.D., and Mark Trusheim’s recommendation that the U.S. would be better served by abandoning continued biosimilar drug development.

  9. Think You Know About Extreme Teaming?

    Rob Wright digs into the “extreme teaming” work of Amy Edmondson, Novartis professor of leadership and management at Harvard, and Jean-Francois Harvey, assistant professor at HEC Montreal, drawing on the 2010 Chilean mining disaster as an example.

  10. Do You (As A Leader) Create Great Choices?

    Rob Wright highlights the “integrative thinking” work of Jennifer Riel and Roger Martin, professors at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, in helping leaders make great choices, drawing on LEGO’s entry into feature films as an example.