Industry Research

The data shown on this page comes from Industry Standard Research (ISR), a full-service market research provider to the pharma and pharma services industries.

  • Stances On Implementing Virtual Trials

    ISR recently asked site startup experts about their company’s stance on virtual trials.

  • What Are The Most Common Site Start-Up Strategies?

    ISR asked respondents at sponsor organizations, CROs, and site management organizations (SMOs) about a variety of start-up strategies and how frequently each is employed at their company.

  • How Does Biopharma Outsource Clinical Logistics?

    In a recent survey targeting companies that outsource clinical logistics, ISR asked respondents to indicate the proportion of clinical services they have outsourced in the past year and what they estimate the proportion will look like in three years.

  • mHealth Implementation — Use By Therapeutic Area

    While pharma companies, biotechs, and CROs are expanding their use of mHealth technologies, they are not expanding the use of it evenly across all therapeutic areas.

  • What To Prioritize When Selecting A Phase 1 CRO

    A critical factor when examining service provider selection is the existence of preferred provider agreements. Keeping this in mind, ISR asks respondents to share their selection criteria in a way that demonstrates these agreements’ impacts on the decision-making process.

  • The Most Important Oral Dose Life Cycle Extension Strategies

    For companies considering life cycle extension strategies for their oral-dose products, there are clear preferences as to which strategies they would pursue.

  • Improving Outsourcing Relationships

    ISR research indicates that proactive communication between sponsors and CMOs in these three areas will help to improve outsourcing relationships. Data comes from ISR’s Development and Commercial Outsourcing Models market research report.

  • Trends In Phase 4 CRO Selection Drivers

    As part of our yearly service provider quality benchmarking, Industry Standard Research asks late-phase decision makers to select their top five most important attributes when outsourcing with no preferred providers.

  • Outsourcing Motivations Should Guide One’s Outsourcing Approach

    Outsourcing motivations are important considerations to identifying the best outsourcing approach and should influence the type of relationships your organization develops with CMOs. Data comes from ISR’s CMO Quality Benchmarking suite of market research reports and ISR’s Development and Commercial Outsourcing Models market research report.

  • Influence Of Size In CRO Selection

    ISR surveyed hundreds of clinical development outsourcers about what they consider important when selecting providers. To capture the increasing role that preferred provider agreements are playing in the selection process, respondents were asked about attribute importance in several scenarios.

  • How Prevalent Are PPAs In Phase 2/3 Research?

    Almost half of survey respondents report their companies use formal preferred provider agreements (PPAs) for their Phase 2/3 outsourcing.

  • Are Outsourcers Interested In Changing Their CRO Mix?

    ISR recently surveyed decision makers across all phases of clinical development to gain insight on sponsor/CRO dynamics. More than half of respondents agreed (to some level)that their organization would change its mix of CROs.

  • A Look At 2018’s CDMO Expansions

    ISR looked at each month in the past year to identify the biggest expansion news announced by large CDMOs.

  • Decision-making Responsibilities When Outsourcing Late-Phase Studies

    A look at which departments at sponsor organizations are involved in the decision-making process and how much decision-making responsibility each department has for outsourcing various late-phase study activities.

  • The Interconnected World Of Blockbuster Oncology Drugs

    A hypertree showing the network of connections between 2017’s top-selling oncology products. Oncology drugs made up 13 of last year’s top 50 selling products.

  • The Top 5 Selection Drivers For Phase IV Services

    Understanding which attributes industry peers feel are important can help in the process of CRO selection.

  • Department Influence On CMO Selection

    When it comes to CMO selection, Executive Management and Manufacturing/Production hold the most influence over the decision, each accounting for ~20% of control.

  • Choosing A Development-Stage eCOA/ePRO Provider

    ISR asked study sponsors, CROs, and clinical research sites what’s the most important attribute they would use to select an eCOA (electronic clinical outcomes assessment)/ePRO (electronic patient reported outcomes) provider for development-stage products.

  • What Are The Largest Slices Of The 2018 CRO Market?

    2017 was another strong year for CRO growth, with all major/public service providers experiencing year-over-year revenue gains. The largest component of CRO market revenue by geography, development, and service line is highlighted here.

  • Is The U.S. Biosimilar Industry Falling Behind?

    Eighty-seven percent of global biosimilar sales come from the E.U., compared to just 2 percent from the U.S. We asked outsourced biomanufacturing decision-makers from North America and Europe to share their companies’ stances on selling and manufacturing biosimilars.